Friday, July 29, 2011

Featured Artist: LEEE CAESAR ATAS

Leee is not really new to painting but then it's his first time to paint publicly --- his very first time to show his soul to the world as a virtual artist. However, his paintings do not show any hint of him being a "noveau" at all. For one, Leee's impasto stroke is quite flawless for a newbie.

Some people can barely fit "painting time" into their schedules, but Leee, no matter how tiring he is from work, nothing stops him from holding a brush and paint his soul away. Such habit is indeed admirable especially from someone who lives a demanding schedule being a supervisor in a call center company.

Bailes de las Mandragores

Leee with Odette

Aside from painting, Leee enjoys traveling and he has the fascination for elegance and sophistication. He also loves listening to musicals and plays computer games with heart of a child.

Keep painting Leee! <3

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