Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Featured Artist: JM ESTEBAN

JM Zamora Esteban is known to be innovative when it comes to painting for he uses "glow in the dark" paints and he is not afraid to try something new which adds more drama to his artworks. He is known to paint "women he meets in his life" and paints beautiful portraits of them indeed.
There is no doubt in mind that JM is passionate with everything for he has a soul of a musician that lives within him. When he paints his subjects, he sees to it that the feeling he puts in is the very same feeling he feels when he composes his music. What also sets this artist apart is the very fact that he is religious and sees the Divine manifested in all the things that he does. So yes, his faith is what adds more beauty and depth in his painting.

JM is a member of the Arts Association of Bacolod. When he isn't too busy painting, he works full time at Riverside Medical Center as a Physical Therapist.

So if you know him personally, don't get too surprised when you see your face on the canvas anytime soon! <3


  1. I really like your paintings. Are they for sale? Please let me know! Hans/Oegstgeest/Holland

  2. hello sir, please add JM Esteban in Facebook, here's his link:

    thanks, chris

  3. Thank you for your comment. My Email:


  4. Can't get in contact with JM Esteban. What to do?