Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Featured Artist: MARQ HERRERA

Marq Herrera is truly a gifted artist in every sense of the word. Aside from being a fashion designer, a stylist and a seasonal decorator, he also paints avante-garde paintings that willl surely take your breath away.

Being the Creator of Brush Strokes, Marq never runs out of concepts when it comes to thematic exhibits. He is the one of the brains behind the group's lined up projects and he is the genius when it comes to curating the group's artworks and setting them up in such a fancy and elegant way.

With his Archangel Rafael

"Mulleres Mysterium" Paintings
First solo exhibit

Sagala Exhibit

"SPIRIT" Exhibit

Marq absolutely finds delight in painting beautiful women. The intricate detailing such as of laces and of adding texture in his artworks are among Marq's signature style.

When he isn't too busy painting, Marq enjoys the company of good friends over good food. And yes, the music of Sarah Brightman is one of his favorites in the world.

Cheers to Marq! Lots of love from your Brush Strokes family. <3

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