Sunday, July 31, 2011


One thing that Brush Strokes finds delight in is beauty and grace. A face is a canvas, they say. And the next featured artist is an epitome of such quote indeed.

Another talented and passionate painter we add in Brush Strokes is Cynthia - the coffee lover, the baker and the chic one. Cynthia is from Florida USA but is now here in Bacolod to finish her studies. When she isn't home painting, you can find Cynthia in the mall, hanging out with friends or by the pool, getting a tan.

Cynthia and her love for hot coffee


The Guardian

cynthia and her manga-ish paintings

steps to paradise

proof that Cynthia is having fun in baking
`(by adding spunk in the cookie!)

In her happy world

Cynthia is a member of the Arts Association of Bacolod. She loves having pets and has a very soft spot for little dogs and cats.

So charming and sweet, that's Cynthia! <3


  1. Hi I am Ian Jay. I saw your works in SM. Congratulations! Great Exhibit. I'm starting to paint again after a long time. Can you let me know when you are having a session? thanks. more power.

  2. hello Ian jay, we do not have a school yet but mext summer we might have some workshop :)add us in facebook for more details <3