Sunday, October 2, 2011


Masskara all throughout the years never fails to give the people of Bacolod local and foreign visitors something to celebrate and be merry about. For twenty days, the city does not cease to bring feast through beer drinking, dining and dancing. The term Masskara comes from 2 Spanish words “mass” and “cara” which means crowd and face respectively. Thus, Masskara simply means masks of many or many faces.

And Brush Strokes celebrates with its beloved city to show the happy spirit of us Negrenses despite the bad times, not only, in the sugar industry, but also with all the challenges that life brings us.

Carnivale, the masks of the world showcases not only the beaming, be-dimpled , smiling and laughing faces of Masks we see every October, but at the same time, brings Venice and all the other places in this world, within our souls and without, that celebrate the beauty, the art and the mysticism of the mask. Brush Strokes encourages all of you to put your mask on.

And because Brush Strokes’ goal is to spread art and advocacy, we believe it is just right to welcome more artists into our family. And they are Marc Lavarro, Nina Benitez, Amira Aldiri and Aikawa Eri.

Brush Strokes would like to thank SM Mall, KFC SM Bacolod, Burloloy, Negros Daily Bulletin, John John Ditching, Mayor Ernesto of Himamaylan and Mr. Joey Benin for making our event a success!

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