Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Featured Artist: CHRIS DUMASIS

Another artist with the penchant for anything that glimmers and glitters is Chris. Started painting publicly using mixed media as her medium. This outrageous artist and quirky writer loves to create artworks that reflect her being a "free spirit".

The Badb in Astarte
The Eyes of Hera
Carrie Constellation

Chris loves anything feminine and Goddesses....she fancies! And she makes it a goal to paint all sacred feminine her subconscious mind could ever think of and imagine.

The Kore in Hekate
The Divine Shamanka
Gaga Girl
Athena: Dance of the Gypsy
The veiled one
The Feathers of Xochiquetzal
The Great Isis

This sanguine individual hopes to evoke a sense of hope to re-live magic back in our daily mundane lives again. And because painting gave her a second wind that she needed, she wishes nothing less than to inspire others through art as well.

reyna delos angeles
reyna dela estrella
reyna dela luna

Chris is Brush Strokes official writer. Here's to femininity, love and purpose! <3

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