Friday, July 22, 2011

The Fun in Being a Foodie

Aside from painting, Brush Strokes people love to eat out. They are not only so passionate about painting out their thoughts and emotions but at the same time, have the stomach to eat all the food they enjoy!

(Korean Ice Cream)

And just tonight, when Marq, Chris and JM decided to once again satisfy their cravings for kimchi and bibimbob, they never thought they'd get to meet new interesting friends from across the table, Ms. Sally Lyn Estrella and Ms. Geordelle Espino-Bernardino with their families in Shaer-gi Restaurant.

(Our favorite, Dolsot Bibimbob)

It was definitely fun meeting people who are so positive and uplifting, not to mention, inspiring (even for just a short, limited time). Hopefully, such "meeting" wouldn't be the last.

Moments such as this one proves all the more that all luxuries of life has to be enjoyed and cherished....good food and good camaraderie included!

See you next time! <3

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