Monday, July 25, 2011

Brush Strokes, Ballet and the Guru

Art is not just all about painting. Art is living and appreciating the elegance in everything - be it through music, through a power of a dance or simply through finding delight in the taste of a delectable, mouthwatering food.

For tonight, this was the case for Brush Strokes people. After watching Ballet Philippines "Crisostomo Ibarra", the group went straight to Grill Guru --- a very charming house-turned restaurant with a lawn so pretty and inviting in La Salle Avenue (near La Salle Integrated School). There is something about the feel of the place, aside from its relaxing, minimalist theme and friendly crew, that makes one feel right at home.

Brush Strokes has found another "happy place"

jm and chris

marq and cynthia --- so happy!

the view from the dining area

Potato Chips perfect with iced tea

vegetarian pasta --- oh to die for!

BLT Panini with Potato Chips

The restaurant's chef Richard Ynayan has done a great job indeed! The owners Manuel and Helen Magadia and manager Joel Lerma made sure everyone was well catered to the whole time. The place is just pure heaven and the group will definitely come back to have a more succulent and satisfying experience in Grill Guru.

So looking forward to try their Salmon Pasta too! <3

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